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About Course

Get the big picture approach to planning, marketing and promotion.



How marketers communicate with consumers has changed, and it will always change. Those who keep complaining about the rapidity of change have lost the game already. To win, you must stay ahead of the curve, and ahead of the game. How? You must position yourself, not just to cope with the changes, but to be a part of those who bring about the changes. You will learn how to dust existing techniques and embrace the new art of marketing communication in a borderless world.

This is not a traditional advertising class where techniques are learned in silos. It is so much more. Participants are exposed to an integrated, holistic approach to how various tools, techniques, philosophies and media interact to create compelling messages for customers, deliver the messages to them in ways they readily receive or consume, and elicit desired responses.

We are about to challenge everything you have learned about marketing communications, reshuffle the variables within the possibilities offered by the digital revolution and come up with new variants of the discipline. At the end of it all, you emerge ready to hit the road with your messages, keeping the new rules of the business of marketing communications at heart, but ready to dump those same rules and create new ones as the market dictates. Dynamism is the essence of the training.


What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to deploy strategic platforms, tools and techniques to communicate the essence of your brand in a voice that is uniquely yours. You will learn to speak the language your target markets will be willing to listen to and take actions in line with your corporate objectives.


  • An open mind that is willing to accommodate new impacts. A basic understanding of the concept of business communication. A background in marketing or communication is an added advantage.

Target Audience

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketers
  • Brand Communicators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Brand Managers and Middle-Senior Management Executives


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