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About Course

Write like the masters. Learn to craft ad copy masterfully and determine how readers respond to any brand of choice. It’s a power zone only few elites play in. Join them.


Remember that commercial you loved so much? Yes. Someone wrote that stuff. It could be you! Welcome to the world of copywriting – for those who love words and want to craft them masterfully. It is for those who love to write, but not write novels or movies. They love to make it short, sweet and memorable. You will learn to team up with art directors and strategists to brainstorm ideas and create the magic on paper for websites, print ads, television commercials, events, billboards and other platforms of communication.

Just like any of our portfolio programmes, the objective is to help you develop a portfolio that projects your creative ability. You will get to work with real brands, mentored by ad agency professionals and even have the opportunity to intern with some top agencies.


Target Audience

  • Those who would like to work as copywriters in ad agencies.
  • Freelance writers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketers and Web Designers


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