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About Course

Master the Art of concept origination and image manipulation to create award-winning ads and videos. The world still responds to words and imagery!


I know someone who doesn’t say much in words but says a lot in visuals. He likes to “think, imagine, explore and tinker.” He can say ten thousand words in one image! If that describes who you would love to be, then this course was created for you. Welcome to the world of Art Direction.

You will collaborate with a Copywriter and crack briefs visually. You will learn how to make images, manipulate made images and deploy powerful sounds creatively. You will learn how to direct video commercials and even the visual elements of print ads. Your words will be few but the message will be too loud to ignore because you will master how to get attention, retain attention and subtly order your target audience to take specific actions in favour of the brand you represent. All these you will do with imagination, imagery, colours and illustrations.

Get trained by industry professionals, work on real brands and build awesome credential overtime. Above all, carve a space for yourself in the creative industry, disrupt, deconstruct and dominate like the ad god you are! Become an Art Director now.



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