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Brandvarsity Management and Media School is an educational institution with the mandate of building hands that build brands. The emphasis on “building hands” is deliberate because focusing on the business while paying lip service to critical human capacity development is the biggest undoing of most businesses.

We equally believe that managers and brand custodians, at every level of any organisation, need constant exposure to new knowledge, new tools, new techniques, and new tactics to sustain their leadership status in their chosen industry. Yesterday’s tools have lost their potency to comprehend today’s challenges, let alone tackle them effectively.

This is our very essence at BRANDVARSITY – to scan the horizon for changes on the business landscape, and help prepare executives and business owners alike to ride on that wave of change profitably.

We exist primarily to bring World Class Management and Media courses to those who crave knowledge and intend to run businesses and organizations with a difference. Effective brand building occurs at the intersection of innovative management and purposeful media, hence our playing field.

Our Difference

Our difference is in our approach to learning and knowledge impartation. We believe that learning should not be textbook driven. Rather, it should be driven by the quest to solve specific business problems. So every session starts with two key questions:

  • What critical problem does a business need to solve to move to its next level?
  • What management or media intervention can be proffered to solve the problem?

From that point, we assemble the best combination of topics, tutors and other support teams to deliver a training that not only solves the problem with clinical efficiency, but also creates a lasting impression on participants.

This way, we ensure we are not regurgitating outdated management and media curriculum. Rather, we deliver bespoke, hands on training that speaks to the challenges of modern business and is structured to adapt to the dynamics of the ICT revolution. Class sessions, handled by practising industry professionals, are held in conducive, executive spaces, typical of the working environments where our participants run their daily businesses.